The Low-Hanging Fruit of Social Reform

St. Louis citizens have access to low hanging fruit to make a HUGE difference in this city. We can all become mentors for adults. We can all participate to build in beautification into communities to give people hope!

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Hold yr ground

Sleepy Kitty performs live at TEDxGatewayArch in St. Louis with their song Hold Yr Ground. 

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Who Moved My Memories

This is a spoken word piece describing the disappointment of seeing familiar places no longer occupied by the people of one's youth.

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How to Make a Mosaic

A community can improve itself and the lives of everyone in it by being more welcoming to people from the outside. 

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How can I make a difference?

In his talk, Dan Parris explains that we can make a difference in the world through our time, talents, and treasure.

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The Architecture of Creative Collisions

Jasmin explains how many cities around the world have fixed their cities after a period of serious urban and population loss to make the transition to a more vital postindustrial city.

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